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Company "YRC-Family", which sells apartments "Rivne YRC" and Bereznovsky "RaiAgroBud". "RaiAgroBud" - is a company that provides a full range of any construction work from design to execution and control functions of the general contractor, both in level and in other regions of Ukraine.

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Rovno 13B Martha Strutynsky street.

Rivne youth residential complex, LTD Construction, Residential buildings, garages, construction sites, maintenance of constructed housing.

LTD "Rivne Youth residential complex" - design-construction company, established in 1993. The main activity - construction and design of residential buildings, garages and construction sites, rental of construction machinery. The Company has a subsidiary housing maintenance enterprise engaged in the operation of constructed housing.

The founder and godfather Rivne YRC is Sergey Bogdanovich Pandrak, who to this day takes care of young families - to build a house for them.

Rivne attached to the program of affordable housing. LTD "Rivne YRC" awarded "Enterprise of the Year 2010" Following the ranking of the dynamics of economic indicators of Ukraine, conducted by the International Economic Rating "The League of the Best", LTD "Rivne YRC" took the first place among all construction companies Rivne region. In addition, Ltd. "Rivne YRC" took 47 place among all construction entities of Ukraine. The company was awarded the status award "Company of the Year 2010" certified leader of Ukraine's economy. The ranking was conducted among 350 000 enterprises of Ukraine. Recall, design and construction company LTD "Rivne YRC" is a regular partner of the Rivne regional administration of the Fund in the design and construction of housing for young families Rivne region. Enterprise developer acts district in Rivne YRC Street. Gagarin-Strutynsky to 7700 inhabitants, total area - 20.5 hectares. For 23 years LLC "Rivne YRC" built more than 100 thousand sq. M. meters of housing, and this - 12 tall and 42 individual houses.


Plans apartments 3-4 section

Disposition of apartments have 3-4 section on the website. While that placed first and Typical (2-9) floor.

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Construction progress 3-4 section

Уважаемые клиенты и владельцы квартир!
You the progress of the construction section 3-4 of September 26, 2016.

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The campaign will last until the end of summer! Apartments from the builder on 11200grn/m². c.Rivne

The new 11-storey building, insulated foam, independent heating, plastered walls, divorced electricity from door to door, plastic windows, is filled with floor screed, meters (electricity, gas, water), metal entrance door, passenger quiet elevator. Good transport interchange, next to Seagull.
Details by phone +38(097)847-47-30.

And we have the end of construction

Dear clients and apartment owners!
You a photo of the completion of the construction of the roof at home and on the progress of work on the facade of 30 May 2016.

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Construction Progress

Dear clients and apartment owners!
Congratulations, built 11 floors! Roof of the house under construction. You can see the progress of construction as of 13 May 2016.

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With the Victory Day!

Dear veterans! Congratulations on Victory Day! Low bow to your courage and your heroism! I wish you health, happiness, kindness, patience, love, peaceful skies and bright sunshine! Peace and harmony in your family!

Sincerely, Rivne YRC!

Congratulations on Easter!

Let this magnificent holiday light fills the heart feelings of hope and love, light up your life, give happiness and welcome your family and friends!
Joy, happiness and festive mood you into Easter Sunday!
Christ is Risen!

With best regards, Rivne SWC!

The Ukrainians are increasingly give property.

Ukrainians have to fork out for an apartment. From the beginning, wanting to arrange a donation contract has increased by an average of 8%, experts estimate. Mainly present each other's closest relatives. Taxes when you make a transaction not have to pay, and can be guaranteed to provide property heir. After all, the right of such an apartment is the only one who gave it, even if he is married. In addition, now that the procedure of registration of the contract is significantly simplified.
About one-third of such agreements enter into people without family ties, experts say. And just explain that in this way hide the real sales transactions. However, from the payment of taxes in such a way still can not avoid. In addition, there is the risk of being left with nothing.
During the year, the donor has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract and reclaim the apartment.

The new additions to the customers and owners of apartments on the site!

From now on our website you can see pictures that show the progress of construction of the first two sections of the multi-storey house on the street. Martha Strutinskaya 13B.

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I cordially congratulate you on the wonderful spring holiday - International Women's Day March 8!

We wish you happiness and warmth,
Spring, smiles, sun,
For the fate of the world came
For each window.
Let around the lilac blossoms,
And the sky will be clear;
And to make life for women
A happy and beautiful.
To always in my heart you
Burning fire of love;
And let it spring
Fulfill all the desires!

With best regards,
Rivne YRC!

In 2016, developers will build housing economy and comfort class.

This year, the portfolio of projects developers will consist mainly of residential properties. This base percentage - a new building economy and comfort class.
«The current economic situation in the country and the existing supply and demand forced developers to postpone for at least 1-2 years commercial real estate projects. Residential high-priced because of the need of large investments in the project will be to design a unit, "- experts predict.
According to her, companies are now interested in projects with a payback period of 1.5-2 years, which include residential development of low and medium price range.
«As to the prices, the developers will try to keep the cost per square meter at the current level with a more rational management of the construction of effective design solutions and reducing their own profitability," - said the expert. Earlier it was reported that in the past year, developers have built a building less than in 2014.

How else could fall real estate prices in Ukraine.

Over the past six months, property prices have fallen by 10%. If the economy in the near future nothing will change over the next six months, housing cheaper at the same rate, says the president of the Chamber Rieltorskoy Viktor Nesin.
«Already half the secondary housing market hardly sold. Prices are falling, but still no one buys apartments. People simply have no money! Relatively speaking, now one buyer - 25 sellers. If nothing changes, the landlord will be forced to withdraw from the sale of property, "- said Nesin.
According to him, is for $ 15-17 thousand. You can buy an apartment-type hotel, where 03.04 sq.m kitchen and no balcony or apartment, where repairs need to spend the same amount.

In Ukraine, the real estate market fell. Accommodation in Kiev has fallen in price by 40% compared to the previous year, in other Ukrainian cities have fallen markedly and property prices.

It is noted that one-bedroom apartment in the Khrushchev is available at $ 25,000. A year ago, for similar housing I had to put 35-40, but before the crisis - $ 50,000.
In other regions, too, decreased the cost of housing.
"In Odessa, somewhere around $ 20 000 - a 1-bedroom apartment. The cost of one-room apartment in Kharkov below - 16 000 dollars." Most property values fell in small towns. The lowest prices are now in Kirovohrad, Cherkasy, Chernihiv and Zaporizhia region. For example, in the center of the city of Chernihiv region Bakhmach a decent one-bedroom apartment with a barn and cellar are selling for $ 7,000. 2-rooms (but with indoor plumbing) can be purchased for $ 5,000.
The village Zavalye Kirovograd region accommodation with spacious balconies, balcony, newly renovated basement and can be bought for $ 5,000. Their property for a song people are selling because were out of work.

The Defense Ministry told how many apartments already purchased for the Ukrainian military.

As of 1 November the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine for the Ukrainian military has bought 75 apartments in the amount of 65 million. 800 thousand. hryvnia.
This information was published the Head of Communications and Press Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Oksana Gavrilyuk.
According to experts, at present, the Ministry continues to work to ensure the domestic military housing. According to her, the Defense Ministry has already signed contracts for the amount exceeding 500 mln. UAH., For the purchase of 667 apartments.
In general, the Ministry of Defense has allocated for housing for more than half a billion hryvnia soldiers.

The cost of housing in the capital market of primary real estate: the results of September.
In September 2015 the average price submitted for the sale of apartments in the primary housing market of Kiev was 23tys. 265grn. for the quarter. m, which is lower than 3.15% in August.
According to analysts, in the first place, reducing the cost per square meter was due to the premium segment, particularly large areas of flats.
Over the last month the price change by class of primary real estate was as follows: Economy Class - a decline of 3.48% to 16 thousand. 575grn per sq.m; business class - a decline of 0.89% to 26tys. 980grn per sq.m; premium class - a decline of 4.64% to 38tys. 476grn per sq.m.

The Cabinet will not reduce the rate of temperature in the apartments.
The temperature remains at least 18 degrees.
The Cabinet does not intend to reduce the estimated base temperature for homes from 18 to 16 degrees.
As reported, the Cabinet proposes to reduce the minimum allowable temperature in the apartments. Ukrainian could reduce the minimum allowable temperature in the living room to 16 degrees.
Recall, the Cabinet has set a new deadline of the heating season from October 1 to April 30 inclusive.

Housing prices in Ukraine continue to fall.
For the last week in some Ukrainian cities, housing prices declined slightly.
The most expensive cost of one-bedroom apartments in Odessa - about a thousand dollars per square meter. Lowest prices in the city of Rivne. Per square meter one-room here will have to pay more than 500 dollars.
The highest cost of rent one-bedroom apartments in Odessa is fixed. For rental of the premises here will have to pay about 3,500 hryvnia per month. Lowest rates again in exactly the same - One-room apartment here costs about 2 thousand hryvnia.

Dear Ukrainians!
Congratulations on your national holiday - the Independence Day of Ukraine! Let this holiday will give you strength and creative achievements for the prosperity of our independent Motherland!
Sincerely company building and selling apartments Rivne YRC!

In six months in Ukraine was put into operation more than 3 million square meters of housing.
During January-June 2015 in Ukraine were commissioned 3.314 million square meters. m total area of housing.
It is reported by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine.
The majority (52.9%) of total housing commissioned in single-family homes, 46.8% - in homes with two or more apartments and 0.3% - in the dorms.
The total area of housing put into operation in January-June 2015 compared with the corresponding period last year decreased by 18.2%.
It should be noted that these are exclusive of temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, Sevastopol and the part of the zone of the antiterrorist operation.

The Cabinet wants to cool the apartment Ukrainian winter to 16 degrees.
The Ministry of Health and Ministry of Regional Development wants to minimum winter temperature in the flats was only 16 degrees.
The order of the search options to reduce the temperature in living quarters gave the Cabinet ministries to setting time - until September 15, 2015. It is reported by the press service of the Cabinet.

In this day consecrate honey, apples and corn. Then the fun begins feast (forbidden to eat beef). The main Slavic Strava in Spozhinki: porridge, honey, apples, bread and beer.
Congratulations Spozhinkamy! Best wishes, the company building and selling apartments Rivne YRC!

International Day of "Physicians for Peace."
This is an international day, which was proposed by the organization "Physicians for prevention of nuclear threat." It is celebrated on the anniversary of the bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima August 6, 1945 Symbolic of this event is a reminder to all mankind about the need to prevent war on the planet. She noted more than 60 years.

International Day traffic.
This day is not chosen by chance, because it was August 5, 1914 in the US city of Cleveland got the first precursor of modern devices. It had red and green lights, and switching light beep. But it was not the first traffic light. The first traffic light was installed in 1868 in London at the parliament building.
Security to you on the road! The company building and selling apartments Rivne YRC!

Sepulchre Mary Magdalene.
August 4, Christians celebrate Holy Myrrh-bearer Mary Magdalene.
Of St Mary Magdalene, one of the women mironosets, won the first people to see the risen Lord Jesus Christ. The company building and selling apartments Rivne YRC wishes all a happy holiday!

Railroad Day.
On this day, we join in congratulating all the employees of railways and wish them always to be fun, have good health and a warm family home, success in your work, and wish them a good salary and a pleasant shopping. Congratulations railroad workers!
Best Regards company building and selling apartments, "Rivne YRC"!

Day of Ukrainian collector.
This day is celebrated professional holiday all the staff of these services, which are somehow linked their lives with this serious profession.
Congratulations collectors - health, courage and patience to you! Kind regards, "Rivne YRC"!

International Day for the system administrator.
Rivne YRC congratulates all nerds, and for one and the rest of computer professional holiday - International Day for the system administrator!
We wish all admins reliable operation of the slave equipment, respectful users and a permanent increase in the size of the salary!

International Day of Friendship.
- one of the youngest in the holidays calendar. Our human relationships that we characterize this beautiful word, so unique that no other word just did not come to be.
The company building and selling apartments, "Rivne YRC" We congratulate and wish more true FRIENDS :)

Day of the big cats.
Today around the world celebrated the International Day of the Tiger. This holiday was established in 2010 at the International Forum "tiger summit".
Happy big cats Welcome to the company building and selling apartments, "Rivne YRC"!

Day of the Navy.
On the day of sea and river fleet sales of apartments Rivne YRC wants to congratulate all seafarers and wish them good health, happiness and earth cloudless sky. Let all your business be successful!

Holguin day.
On this day the Orthodox Church honors Princess Olga, Elena in baptism. All the world reap. This day was stormy.
All Olga company selling apartments Rivne YRC congratulate your day!

Anthony Thunderer.
On this day the Orthodox Church celebrates the memory of St. Anthony of the Caves - the founder of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and patron of all n monks. Anthony was born in the late 10th century near Chernigov.
The company sales of apartments Rivne YRC welcomes all with a holiday!

Building in Berezne

Joke of the day

- What do you care how I got into your apartment? The main thing is that we are together now!