Public lending

Loans for 30 years

Loans for apartments for up to 30 years at 17% per annum in hryvnias.
The first installment of 10% of the total value of the apartment.
Lending young family can get up to 35 years.
For a family member is available 21 sq.m. the total area of the apartment, plus the added 20 sq.m. family.
For more information on lending can be found on the bodies. (097)847-47-30

Affordable housing 70/30

The state support for the construction and purchase of housing provided on the basis of norms of not more than 21 square meters of housing area per person and an additional 10.50 m per family. The cost of the total area of housing, which exceeds the regulatory area, the citizen paid at market value.
In the case where the developer is required the cost of 1 square meter of housing area exceeds the marginal cost of 1 sq.m total area of housing, citizen wishing to obtain such housing, pays the price difference at his own expense.
Regional Office as a recipient of budget funds to provide state support:
- with the developer enters into a contract on the construction (purchase) of affordable housing;
- enters into a contract with the citizen;
- lists after the agreement on the construction (purchase) of affordable housing and a national payment up to 70% of the value of property (in this case 4300 UAH) for the current rahonok citizen, open a bank, budget funds in the amount of 30% of the cost of housing (in our 1460grn case) to provide state support;
- pays actual work performed or purchase of housing put into operation;
- monitors the progress and quality of construction and the timing commissioning.

Bank Globus

Thanks to the professionalism of PJSC CB "GLOBUS" and loyal conditions of crediting, now get credit for buying a home, a car or a consumer credit in the bank "Globus" it is easy. Available lending programs, rapid decision to grant a loan, a simple and prompt processing of credit agreements, fair and transparent lending terms are advantages of our bank to others.

The priorities of PJSC CB "GLOBUS" are: introduction of new effective methods of Client service and increase quality of service; The increase in the operations, expansion and improvement of the range of services in the face of rising competition in the financial markets; Effective use and allocation of resources as available so i borrowed; Diversification of activities by different areas in order to reduce banking risks; Weighted price (tariff) Politics; Professionalism and energy working staff.

From developer

For registration required:

- Passport;
- ID;

Interest charged only after putting the house in operation.

Credit conditions:

- Credits for 3 years at 5 percent per annum
- The minimum contribution of 30 percent of the total purchase price.